Telling an Accessible Story with Infographics

Telling an Accessible Story with Infographics
Presented by
Dax Castro, ADS, Vice President ADTraining, AbleDocs
The Design + Accessibility Summit
The Design + Accessibility Summit | A CreativePro Online Event, November 16–19, 2021

About the presentation

Infographics are visual representations of complex data that tell a story through a combination of text and images. Users can interact with the content to reveal a single or many messages. However, because infographics convey visual information, they inherently present visual and/or cognitive accessibility barriers. Infographic designers who consider accessibility during the design phase can dramatically improve the ability of those with disabilities to get the most information possible from the infographic.

Learn how to overcome common barriers such as:

  • Using pictures to represent words
  • Missing or vague alternate descriptions
  • Group information by colors
  • Group information by colors
  • Color contrast