PDF Days: The ‘Royal Flush’ in PDF/UA

AbleDocs: The ‘Royal Flush’ in PDF/UA

presented by Adam Spencer, President (GLOBAL) of AbleDocs

15 minutes

 October 19, 1600 CEST / 1000 ET / 0700 PT


COVID-19 has shifted the way we work online and reinforced the need for digital accessibility, especially when it comes to PDFs. Learn about the state of PDFs today and how AbleDocs is helping lead the charge in assisting businesses to ensure they are sharing accessible documents. Find out about AbleDocs’ suite of services, including ADScan, ADLegacy, ADStream, axesWord and axesPDF, and how they can help you ensure your PDFs are PDF/UA-compliant, no matter if it’s a single document or a high-volume of documents.

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