Understanding Document Tag Structure

37th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference
Understanding Document Tag Structure
Presented by
Dax Castro, Vice President, ADAlign for Documents
Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, California
$225 to $580
37th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

Session Description: 

Many people get into document remediation without a firm understanding of tag structure and what individual tags mean. They rely on source programs to export the tags correctly and then just hope they can clear any errors they get without really understanding why or what these tags mean. My goal for this session is to cover the basic structure of the tags tree. 

We will talk about container tags such as Article, Section, Part and Div. We will review typical nested tags like TOC and List tags. We will review figure, chart, formula, caption tags as well as some best practices for a clean tags tree. We will talk about the difference between placement values like Block and inline. We will cover how difference in the tags effect how a screen reader voices the content. 

Attendees will gain a well-rounded understanding of most common tags and why we use them the way we do.