WCAG for PDF in Plain English

WCAG for PDF in Plain English
Presented by
Dax Castro, Vice President, ADAcademy
Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, California
$225 to $580

37th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

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Session Description: 

Creating accessible documents requires more than simply following guidelines. Creators and remediators need to understand their intent. In this session I walk through the 13 principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as they relate to PDF documents.

Many of the rules have special exceptions or application when it comes to PDF documents. There are several guidelines that continually get misinterpreted as well. This results in made up rules that are not actually part of WCAG like minimum font size, single H1 tags in a document and several others. I focus on easily digestible explanations for each of the principles that apply to PDF documents. I give suggestions Learn which ones you should memorize, which ones will give you the most grief, and what to do about it.