A barrier-free way to send files to AbleDocs

With ADGateway, we’ve made it easy for you to upload files directly to AbleDocs through one, centralized and secure online portal.

We think ADGateway is so important, we provide it to all of our clients free of charge!

Centralized, secure & customized upload

An accessible online portal that allows organizations of all sizes to have a centralized, secure web-based interface to upload any file directly to AbleDocs for remediation services.

Quotes for remediation

ADGateway’s web-based interface not only lets you easily and securely upload files to AbleDocs, but you can also use it to request quotes for remediation services.

Save time

ADGateway allows you to quickly and easily send files from multiple locations through one centralized portal, eliminating the need to share documents by email within your organization.

Streamline the process

ADGateway lets you upload files without any size limitations from one convenient portal, eliminating the need to use 3rd party file transferring applications or email service providers.

Customize it to fit your needs with one process for everyone

ADGateway is not only easy to implement within your existing document workflows, but it can also be fully customized to fulfill any needs of your organization, including branding, billing, and chargeback.

Single Sign On

ADGateway makes enterprise login and tracking easy by supporting Single Sign-On (SSO) to streamline the login and authentication process.

The Perfect Partner

ADGateway works seamlessly with ADService to have all content authors send their files directly to our world leading remediation service.

Data Security & Privacy

ADGateway easily integrates with your data security & privacy requirements, including:


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (US)


Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (CA)


General Data Protection Regulation (EU)