On-Demand Accessibility for Large Historical File Collections and Archives

ADLegacy is perfect for organizations that have large file collections that need to remain available online, but where complete remediation would be cost prohibitive.

What Makes ADLegacy Unique

On-demand remediation for archive collections

ADLegacy is a cost-effective approach to your accessibility strategy, as it allows you to quickly remediate only the files you need right away, while ensuring that all other files can remain available online.

Simplify compliance

With ADLegacy, you can request the remediation of archived file collections on a file-by-file basis, making it easy to replace inaccessible content with newly accessible documents.

24-hour turnaround

ADLegacy provides on-demand remediation within 24 hours of a request, meeting compliance regulations without undo delay to the end user for old or archived content.

Get compliance across all browsers

With ADLegacy, a single remediated file will work in every PDF browser on desktop and mobile, eliminating costly workarounds.

Easy configuration

ADLegacy can be easily integrated into your existing document collections with a streamlined process and simple onboarding.

Completely customizable

ADLegacy can be customized to your organization’s branding, which can then be easily updated without files having to be reprocessed.

Batch processing

With ADLegacy, website administrators can easily handle large collections of files, with just a single process needed to return compliant files back to public-facing websites.

Data Security & Privacy

ADLegacy conforms to the following data security & privacy requirements:


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (US)


Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (CA)


General Data Protection Regulation (EU)