Why use ADLegacy?

For some organizations, files need to remain online at all times as part of regulations and open government requirements. If the volume of files is too great, then complete remediation may prove cost prohibitive. So ADLegacy can almost act as an insurance policy that lets you keep older files online while mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

How does ADLegacy work?

  1. ADLegacy is inserted into every file outside of the scope of remediation
  2. Files are returned and uploaded back to their original directories
  3. When a user with a print disability opens an ADLegacy-enabled file, they encounter a notification indicating that the file is inaccessible
  4. Through a quick form, the user can submit a remediation request
  5. The file is sent directly to AbleDocs for remediation in as little as 24 hours
  6. The file is returned to the requestor, and the organization can replace the inaccessible file with the new accessible and compliant PDF from AbleDocs