Your Document 
Accessibility Dashboard

ADScan is the only automated tool that scans your websites and reports on the accessibility of all PDF files found on your site. It allows you to monitor, test, track and remediate all of your sitewide documents. ADScan becomes the foundation for building a 
successful document accessibility strategy.

Sitewide testing and tracking

ADScan makes it easy to monitor, test, track and remediate all of your sitewide documents, by automatically scanning and reporting on the accessibility of all PDF files found, and identifying all other document types.

Save time

Save your team significant time with institutional wide document accessibility checking versus single file testing, as ADScan actively checks all your website documents to ensure compliance.

Get complete visibility

Make well-informed decisions with a single-page view of all your document accessibility criteria. With the Document Accessibility Dashboard, planning a document accessibility strategy is easier than ever.

Simplify the process

Create a more efficient – and cost-effective – document accessibility strategy, as ADScan lets you easily delegate and manage the remediation of files, by allowing you to send the files directly to AbleDocs or to your internal remediation team.

Enjoy seamless integration

Quickly and easily send and receive files for remediation with AbleDocs, as ADScan can be seamlessly integrated with your corporate CMS and DMS applications.