Single page view of all document accessibility indicators

ADScan provides a PDF accessibility compliance dashboard for decision makers to easily find all publicly available PDFs and test them against the most advanced PDF/UA validation engine.

ADScan screenshot: Dashboard with all important key figures: overall PDF/UA index, number of compliant, non-compliant and untagged PDFs

List of all documents

In the list view, you get an overview of all documents found with their PDF/UA index, the title, a summary test result and other metadata such as number of pages, file size or the last modification date. 

You can use the context menu to send selected documents either to your internal experts or directly to AbleDocs. You can optionally export a selection of the list entries as a CSV file.

Screenshot ADScan: List of all files with metadata

Single document view

In the detailed view you get the complete test result for a file as you know it from axesPDF. You can precisely localize every error by highlighting it in the document view. Nothing stands in the way of a detailed analysis of your documents.

ADScan screenshot: Detailed view of all information on a file with all PDF/UA errors and the document view. Clicking on an error highlights the corresponding element in the document view


Your key figure for PDF accessibility across all websites

We have developed our own analysis approach with which companies can quickly and easily see the PDF/UA conformity of their entire websites: the UA Index.

Your indicator for PDF/UA compliance of a single document

The PDF/UA index is an indicator for recording the technical accessibility of a single document. The index for an entire website can be calculated from the key figures of all documents.

UA Index 100 = Technically Accessible

AbleDocs has developed the UA Index to provide greater understanding of the severity of technical accessibility issues. With a UA Index = 100, that means that all documents are technically barrier-free and compliant. For a final conformity check, we recommend that you also manually review those aspects that cannot be checked by machine.

Basis for your prioritization

Based on the UA Index, documents can be categorized and different internal tactics can be defined to make them accessible. Typical tactics here would be, for example:

  • Internal remediation by the author
  • Internal remediation by a competence center
  • Outsourcing to AbleDocs (or another service provider)
  • Use other AbleDocs services to create a sustainable document accessibility strategy