The Grackle Suite  

Democratizing accessibility by helping millions of people create billions of documents 

The Grackle Suite offers the only add-ons that check and remediate output from Google Workspace for accessibility.

Using Grackle couldn’t be easier, as it both validates and remediates your content from Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.

No training is required. Simply use the add-on and begin remediating. The Grackle Suite’s click-and-fix interface allows users to learn about accessibility as they remediate content, while Grackle helps documents retain accessibility in collaborative environments like schools and offices.



Grackle for Google Docs 

Grackle for Google Docs, also known as Grackle Docs, is the most effective way to scan Google Docs to flag and fix accessibility issues.

Grackle Docs scans documents and arranges them by elements and structures by document title and language, images, headings, tables, landmarks, and content. From here, users can determine compliance and accessibility issues as elements are marked as either accessible or inaccessible.

The Grackle Docs add-on also allows users to export accessible PDFs.


Grackle for Google Sheets 

Grackle for Google Sheets, also known as Grackle Sheets, is the simple way to create accessible Google Sheets.

Grackle Sheets offers an easy-to-use click-and-fix interface for guided step-by-step corrections. It can automatically detect and define tables and tags, check against accessibility standards, present table contents in a tree-like structure, and convert sheets to accessible HTML format.


Grackle for Google Slides

Grackle for Google Slides, also known as Grackle Slides, is the easy way to generate accessible presentations with Google Slides.

Grackle Slides scans all slides within a presentation for accessibility mistakes and issues then arranges the information by presentation title and language, slides, tables, elements, and contents. It marks elements in each category as accessible or inaccessible so users can easily make changes.


Grackle for Organizations

The Grackle Suite enables commercial organizations to mitigate the risk of legal complaints that might result in negative publicity, government scrutiny, costly litigation or large fines.

The Grackle Suite does this be ensuring you’re meeting the legal requirements of the ADA and Title II compliance in the United States, the Equality Act 2010 in the United Kingdom, and similar legislations around the world.


Grackle for Education  

Creating accessible content within the education system has never been easier than with the Grackle Suite.

The Grackle Suite helps faculty, students, staff and administrators speed up and simplify the creation of accessible documents by providing a powerful remediation solution that works within the Google applications.


Why Grackle?

A Grackle Suite subscription includes:

  • The Grackle Suite of accessibility add-ons for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Unlimited accessibility checks
  • Unlimited remediation assistance
  • Unlimited tagged PDFs from Google Docs and Slides
  • Unlimited accessible HTML from Google Sheets

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